Xamarin Dev Days 2016 Recap


Xamarin Dev Days happened in Boston!  Here are some pics from the event on Twitter.

I spoke about Xamarin.Forms 2.0 Effects, which are a lightweight approach to custom controls. Also, if you just need a real native control, you can now embed native controls right into your Xamarin.Forms pages by adding them as children of a layout just like regular Forms controls.  Recycling cells in your ListViews for performance and memory usage improvements using ListViewCachingStrategy.RecycleElement. XAML is now compilable using the XAML compiler (XAMLC) for faster loading, smaller app size, and errors shown at build time rather than at run time (too late).  Themes extend styles with new ways to apply design to your entire app.

Jesse Liberty kicked the event off with an intro to Xamarin, covering the API for iOS and Android.  Gavin Bauman spoke about connecting your Xamarin app to the Azure cloud. Pierce Boggan led a hands-on lab. The event was organized by Pierce Boggan and Jayme Singleton (a killer last name in the software development industry).

Look for Xamarin Dev Days in your area.

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