Dan Hermes appointed Microsoft Regional Director (RD)

Microsoft has bestowed upon me one of their highest honors for a non-Microsoft employee, They have offered me the role of Microsoft Regional Director (RD). I’m humbled and honored and very much look forward to making a difference in this new capacity. I won’t stop doing any of the things I do already: speaking nationally, writing articles and books, making video courses, and building killer apps with my team of Xamarin developers. As a Regional Director I’ll get to do even more for the community.

This does not mean that I work for Microsoft. Becoming an RD means that I’ve been appointed one of about thirty technologists in the United States who meet Microsoft’s standard of technical and business knowledge and practice to commend as a leader of the regional technical and business community. Here’s more about Microsoft’s RD program.

I’m grateful for the commendation and can’t wait to serve in this greater capacity. If you have any questions or there’s any way I can help you, please don’t hesitate to connect

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